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Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA Review

KOA Gettysburg Review

Last summer, we stopped at the Gettysburg Battlefield KOA Campground for two nights during our move from Western New York to the Washington, DC area.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy to go camping in the middle of a move, but it really wasn’t! We decided the kids deserved a little break from the chaos of moving, and we had a few days to kill in between leaving our house in Western New York and arriving in the DC area. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania seemed like the perfect stop along the way. We could break for a couple of nights, see some of the historical sites, and let the kids have a little fun (and a lot of s’mores.)

The drive from Gettysburg to DC would be nice and easy- getting the “longer” stretch of driving before the break. Camping would also allow us to bring along our pets. Staying at a campground is also MUCH cheaper than staying in a hotel and easier on the kids.

Why Gettysburg Battlefield KOA Campground?

There are no shortage of campgrounds to choose from in the Gettysburg area. We chose the Gettysburg Battlefield KOA for a few reasons. We’re big fans of the KOA chain of campgrounds. We know we’ll find clean, well-managed campgrounds with plenty of amenities.
KOA Gettysburg Review
Most KOA locations also offer a military discount of 10-20% off your stay. That’s a huge savings! This campground was also out the outside of the tourist area, so we really felt like we were away from the hustle and bustle, even during Bike Week.

KOA Camping Cabin

KOA Gettysburg Review Kabin
KOA’s offer several different types of cabins: from simple 1-room camping cabins to deluxe cabins with all of the bells and whistles. We decided to get as close to tent camping as possible without having to actually use our tent. We love tent camping, but easier was better during our move and a cabin was definitely easier. The basic 1-room Camping Cabins are a great compromise for those looking for something a little more than a tent, but without all of the comforts of home (ie: no bathrooms.)
Each 1-room cabin comes with a double bed and two single bunk beds. The cabins have a small mini fridge, air conditioning (blessed), a ceiling fan, small desk area, and a television (we banned any use of the tv while camping…because camping!)
Linens are not provided.
We brought along our sleeping bags and pillows and that’s all we needed. (Who wants to try and fold fitted sheets for packing? Not this girl.)
Outside, you’ll find an adorable little porch, complete with a porch swing. Our site also had a picnic table and campfire ring.
KOA Gettysburg Review Fire Ring
There was plenty of room for the kids to play on the porch or run around the site a little. So much better than trying to keep them calm, quiet, and entertained in a hotel room.
KOA Gettysburg Review Parking
Comfort stations with showers, toilets, and a kitchen were just a short walk away from our cabin. The restrooms were always clean and we never found ourselves waiting for an open room.

Campground Amenities

The Gettysburg Battlefield KOA has a playground, pool, inflatable jump pad, dog park, a well-stocked camp store, mini golf, gem mining, and more.
KOA Gettysburg Review Pool
There are planned group activities (some for an additional fee) for kids of all ages. On select evenings, you can even hear Civil War ghost stories by the campfire.

KOA Gettysburg Review Playground

Overall impressions

We all gave this campground two thumbs up. The only issue you may run into is parking. It’s not a large campground and overflow parking is located along the street near the entrance. We were lucky we were able to squeeze both of our cars into the parking area at our site. The staff was super helpful and made sure the campground was clean and quiet hours were observed. I was a bit nervous about noise with it being Bike Week, but we never once had an issue with other campers or even noise from motorcycles at night. We can’t wait to return to the Gettysburg Battlefield KOA again this summer.

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