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A New Way of Doing Things

I am not starting this blog again to blog in the “do this as a business sense.” I’m doing it because, sometimes, I have all of these random thoughts running through my head and I don’t need to break that down into twenty tweets or a mile-long Instagram post. I’m not sure anyone is even going to read this, but it makes me feel better getting these thoughts out of my head.

Also, it’s summer break and I am forcing myself to enjoy every last drop of my time “off” before grad school starts this fall and I start my new job.

Any of these types of posts will be tagged “Personal Journal”, in case you’re so inclined to go back and read more, or skip posts when you see them tagged with that. Whatever floats your boat.

So here are some random thoughts from today:

We’ve been off of school for a since June 13th. May and June went by in a frenzied blur of testing, reports, parties, and saying goodbye to this year’s students. At home, we jumped right into swim season and it’s been a non-stop sprint ever since.

Things I’ve been trying to do this summer:

  • Get up before 7am every morning (This is a Big Deal ™ for me because I am NOT a morning person, but we don’t have curtains on our windows so the sun shining on my face at 6am is making it a little easier)
  • Write in my Erin Condren summer mini planner/journal every day
  • Move enough to close my movement ring on my Apple Watch (That I purchased by saving up tons of Teacher Appreciation gift cards and snagged on sale)
  • Be outside as much as possible. I’ve been sitting on our porch every morning and finding excuses to be outside whenever possible
  • Do a 10-minute clean on one room per day. It’s usually the kitchen/family room area, but it’s making a difference in the huge messes that typically pile up every day

Product I’m loving right now:
The new Versed skincare line at Target. My stores don’t have it, so I have to order it online. The (affiliate link) gel cleanser is a dream. Smells amazing, doesn’t dry out my skin. And the entire line is affordable. I want to order a serum and the Vitamin C powder next.

That’s all for now.

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