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Hello, World!

If you’ve stumbled upon this site, ummm hello! I’m not quite sure how you found Treks and Trends, but I’m glad you did.

You’ll notice things are a little…sparse around here. (Ok, it’s almost desolate.) That’s because I’m starting Treks and Trends from scratch. I’ve had plenty of other blogs over the years, and lots of content I could have moved over, but I really wanted to start completely fresh. I kept the default “Hello, World!” post title as a little reminder of how new this blog actually is.

I’m not publishing on a set schedule, so you may see one post per month or seven per week. It’s all up in the air. And that’s exactly what I like about this new site- the ability to write what I want, when I want. I’m not even promoting the site at the moment, which is why I’m so surprised you found me. For right now, I’m thinking of this site as my private journal (that strangers can read whenever they want, which is totally not creepy at all.)

All this to say…hello! If you do want to see some updated content, you can always check out my “Shop My Instagram” page. You’ll be able to shop all of the fun stuff I share over on Instagram. (Make sure you’re following me over there, too)

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